How to Find the Job of Your Dreams

Everyone wants to find a job that offers a good paycheck and that allows them to feel fulfilled. But have you ever thought about how you can find the best job for you?

Start by looking at yourself first

Write down the industries or hobbies you’re passionate about. What kind of industry would make you happy if you could do it for the rest of your life? Avoid thinking about money while you’re trying to find what you’re passionate about.

Money tends to obfuscate some of our passions. Think about the real you, which would really make you happy. If you find something you would gladly do for free if you could, that’s your passion. 

Looking at yourself is not just thinking about what you like. You need to know your strengths and weaknesses too. Write them down. That will help you decide the best job for your skills.

Do you like challenges? If you love challenges your dream job is not the same as of those that just want to take a quiet and comfortable life.

Evaluate your past

If this is your first job, it probably won’t be your dream job, but you can still look at your academic past to find out the areas that interest you the most. Were you passionate about math or about literature? Look at what you were good at while you were a student. Those are the areas you’re probably more skilled at. 

If you had previous jobs, think about the things you loved on some of your jobs, and the things that you hated. Write down the plus and cons of all your past jobs to find exactly what could be your dream job. 


When you start getting an idea of the kind of job you would love to get, it’s time for a reality check: Is that kind of job available on your location? If not, would you move out, or can you even do it to pursuit it?

A dream job might come with some personal efforts. If you’re in the position where you would need to move to a city where you don’t know anyone to get that dream job, you’ll need to decide if it worth it or not. 

Money and Stability

One of the most important part of a job, right? How’s the average salary for the type of job you’re looking for? Is that enough to allow you to live the lifestyle you want to? This kind of questions allows you to decide what is the best job for you.

You need to follow what makes you happy, and money might be the most important part of a job for you, or you might be looking at doing something meaningful with your life.

You might be looking to help others and to be able to make a difference in your community. Different people have different goals, and there’s nothing wrong about it. Make sure you know your goals and follow your own dream.

There’s not a job that would be everybody’s dream job. But that doesn’t matter, you only need to find your personal dream job. Your dream job will be a combination of the challenge, the location, the money and stability, and what really makes you happy. And when you know yourself and what could make you happy, you know exactly the job you’re looking for.