When’s the Right Time to Move?

Millennials don’t appear to stay in the same job for long. It’s not rare for someone in the ’20s to have worked in three or four jobs in the last few years.

While baby boomers usually stayed on their jobs for almost all their lives, Gen Y has changed the norms and takes the workplace more as a career exploration than climbing the traditional business ladder.

There’s a lot more uncertainty in the job market, and certainly, since the financial crisis contracts are not as generous or as long as they used to be, so it became culturally and socially accepted to see Millennials change jobs so many times.

Millennials need to feel they are part of something much bigger than just their job. They need to feel they understand how their position plays in the company’s success, and if they don’t get that vibe – they won’t think twice about moving along. 

The role and expectations

So when’s the right time to start thinking about your next move?

It all depends on the person. We all have different ambitions and tolerance levels. But lots of factors and some signs might show that you might consider moving:

* Do you usually feel unfulfilled?

* Does your job makes you unhappy?

* Do you feel the job is just not flexible enough?

* Have you seen better jobs or opportunities in your area?

* Do you miss opportunities or career promotions on your current job?

* Do you feel you’re having a poor balance between life and work?

* Do you feel that times goes by but you’re not really evolving?

The more “yes” answers, the more unhappy you are with your current job, so the closer you are to move to a new one.

It doesn’t make much sense to stay in a job that negatively impacts your life or that makes you feel miserable. Sure, you have responsibilities and bills to pay, so you need to plan accordingly. But when your job can’t make you happy and you feel depressed on Mondays, it’s usually time to look for a better job.

You need to study the options and make sure you’re moving in the correct direction. The last thing you want to is to move to another job just to find out it’s as bad or even a little worse than your previous job.

Above all, you need to feel you’re making the right career move. There is no perfect or “right” time to move that can be used for everyone.

Leadership style

Can you stay somewhere for too long?

Staying in a job for too long can actually hinder future employment prospects. Those that stay for a long time in the same company, in the same role will find it difficult to move for a plethora of reasons, and often those career opportunities, training, and development can slow down as your tenure extends, but for those people who value stability – this isn’t a problem.  So, you shouldn’t be concerned with changing jobs often or trying to get a job for life.

Try to find the balance, and above all, find what really makes you happy. And if it’s time to move on, just do it.