Overcoming Interview Nerves

It’s normal to feel some pressure and nerves about a job interview. Someone is about to evaluate you in such a short amount of time and depending on his or her judgment, you might get the job you’re looking for, or you just have to keep looking for another opportunity.

Here are some useful ways to be ready for the interview and to overcome interview nerves:

#1: Be Prepared

Preparation is clearly the best way to overcome interview nerves. If you do some research and check your own strengths, you’ll feel motivated and ready for the interview. 

A great way that helps you be prepared is to visualize in your own mind how the interview will go. 

Try to guess some of the questions the recruiter will ask you and how you will answer them. Visualize yourself in a good interview and getting the job. That kind of positive thinking can help your confidence and reduce the nerves.

Another way to get some confidence is to write down some of your greatest accomplishments in life. Just by remembering some of the things you accomplished and write them down, you’re telling your brain that you can do it, and you can get this job. 

Try to relax and be positive about the interview. Make an effort to keep calm and remember you can get this job. Believe in yourself.

#2: Research

Research is a big part of the preparation step. You need to research the company and understand its mission and vision. You don’t simply want to know what a company does; you want to understand why do they do it. Try to learn the company values, and look for their recent achievements or news. The more you know about the company the better prepared you will be in the interview. 

Try to google some information about the employees too. Some websites or forums might have some feedback about the company. If you learn something about it from someone that works there or worked there in the past, you’ll be ahead of most other applicants.

#3: Practice Awful Curly Questions

The curly questions are usually one of the tricky parts in the interview. Here are some curly questions you can practice, and some answers you can provide:

1 – How much do you think you should be paid?

The polite answer is you believe your remuneration should be fair for the performance and contribution you give to the company. You’re not saying any number, and you’re showing commitment to work and give your energy to accomplish a collective goal.

2 – Would you use Facebook or social media at work?

Here’s where your research will help. If you know the company policy goes against using social media at work, you just say that you won’t. If you’re not sure what they want to hear you can say: only if it’s necessary on the tasks you want me to complete. Again, you might be dodging the question but showing interest and commitment. 

3 – Do you think a specific workload is fair?

This one is not easy. You need to try to give a diplomatic answer. 

4 – What do you know about the organization?

Perfect opportunity to show them you made your research and know more about them then some guys that work there. 

5 – Why do you want to work for us?

Use the info you know about them and connect them with your past experience. That way you’re showing you’re a perfect fit.

6 – Do you think you might be over-qualified or too experienced for this job?

Just say that your qualifications and experience will be a benefit for the company. 

7 – What has been your greatest career disappointment?

Try to describe a time when you were unable to reach a goal as a result of factors beyond your control.


Practice these questions and tips and they will help you overcome interview nerves.