A New Zealand Centric Approach

The New Zealand landscape is like no other – 97% of our businesses are classed as ‘small’ with under 20 employees. 

This means 97% of our businesses probably don’t need or want a dedicated HR person. Which also means that the half a million business owners in NZ are finding their own way with WHS and our currently changing Employment Legislation. Even the smallest mistakes in that field can be costly. We’re ready for your workplace to ensure your paperwork and processes are robust, will stand up to the latest legislative challenges. 

We’re the independent voice in performance reviews and recruitment processes and we’re the step before you need to call in the lawyers on an employment matter. 

In addition to our wealth of practical experience, we have some really neat tools too. Combining these with our plethora of diverse skills we can assess how your employees fit and interact with your overarching organizational goals. 

We can help with your recruitment processes, create onboarding processes, job descriptions, gap analysis and/or career progression and even recognition and reward schemes. 

Whatever you need – we’re always on hand and ready to help. 

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