Zink – Modelling The Way We Think, Speak And Act

Behaviours That Drive Success

We combine our Human Resources skills with Zink, our proprietary range of competency-based assessment and talent management tools, in order to analyze, optimize, and amplify results in team-based environments from the moment that new talent is engaged. 

Zink is the starting block with the results you will see, an increase in engagement, and an enhancement of productivity. Zink includes various HR processes from onboarding to exit and succession planning. 

Share Your knowledge, Grow Your World

Knowledge Transfer is a big part of the Zink platform, looking at the best ways to capture and share knowledge across your organisation to ensure standards are met, great habits are formed, delivery is consistent and communication is productive. 

We know that when knowledge is shared effectively across an organisation the results are amazing, and will propel your business to the next level. 

‘Know How’ and ‘Know Why’

We split Knowledge into two categories; ‘Know How’ and ‘Know Why’. 

Your ‘Know How’ is the DNA of your company, we created the Zink framework, it’s our work and our IP and in the main has been created as a team exercises based on shared knowledge and experience and we use this to extract the Know How from your business and create model behaviours for your teams.

‘Know Why’ this is where the gems are and that is where great internal systems come to their own.  We capture the ‘Know Why’ for each project in the form of storytelling.  Storytelling is incredibly effective when capturing vision, purpose, and aspirations; knowledge, and we believe this is one of the most effective tools available in quest to create better outcomes in the workplace

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